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WP7 Workpackage on cross-border hospital collaborations

Lead beneficiary: Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, Irene Glinos


  • To identify which problems collaborative projects between hospitals encounter as a result of being in different jurisdictions and how these have been overcome

  • To understand which stakeholders are involved in cross-border hospital collaboration and analyse their motivations for cooperating

  • To explore the role of the EU in supporting collaborative projects


  • Case studies

    • Maastricht university hospital and Aachen university hospital (Netherlands-Germany border)

    • Puigcerda hospital and French health insurers (Spain-France border)

    • St Franziskus hospital and Danish regional health authorities (Germany-Denmark border)

    • Dinant hospital and French hospitals/ health insurers (Belgium-France border)

    • Åland hospital and Swedish providers/ purchasers (Finland-Sweden border)

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WP2 Treatment pathways in Different Countries
WP3 Medical Records and Systems of Data Collection
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WP6 Long Term Care
WP7 Hospital Collaborations
WP8 Telemedicine/eHealth
WP9 Cross-border Care in Dentistry
WP10 Media Reporting of Quality of Care
WP11 Assessment of the Scale of Cross-border Care
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