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WP14 Workpackage on project management

Lead beneficiary: London School of Economics and Political Science, Helen Vieth


  • To facilitate and ensure the successful launch of the project and to finalise the project structure, responsibilities, reporting lines and timetable

  • To ensure the exact ongoing planning of activities, relevance and timing of tasks’ progress, the alignment and coherence of their accomplishment, the effective communication between the project partners and linking with (WP13) dissemination, and communication with other possible stakeholders


WP1 Health care professionals
WP2 Treatment pathways in Different Countries
WP3 Medical Records and Systems of Data Collection
WP4 Prescription and Medicines
WP5 Patient Choice & Public Reporting
WP6 Long Term Care
WP7 Hospital Collaborations
WP8 Telemedicine/eHealth
WP9 Cross-border Care in Dentistry
WP10 Media Reporting of Quality of Care
WP11 Assessment of the Scale of Cross-border Care
WP12 Potential Implications: Lessons Learnt; Policy Recommendations
WP13 Dissemination
WP14 Project Management

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